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Published at 2023-09-29

Announcement: Introducing the Location Element

We are thrilled to introduce our latest feature - the Location Element. With this new addition, you can now effortlessly incorporate location input types into your forms, providing users with a convenient way to pinpoint their location on Google Maps. Let's dive right in and take a closer look at this exciting new element:

At present, this element offers a single option that allows you to toggle the visibility of latitude and longitude fields for users. Importantly, users can view these coordinates, but they are unable to modify them:

Location Element Settings

The display of hiding latitude and longitude in your form:

To retrieve the user's location, we put the Geolocation API into use. You can find comprehensive details on its usage in this MDN link. When a user clicks the "Fill In Current Location" button, a browser prompt will request access to their location:

Once the user grants permission to share their location, no further action is required. The location Element will automatically populate with the user's coordinates and display the location on the integrated Google Maps window:

We believe that this new location Element will greatly enhance the user experience on your forms and provide a seamless way for users to provide their precise location information. Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements as we continue to improve our services!

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