Welcome to FormPress


We are a fresh software company, offering services of form-building, data collection, and data storage.

Our company center is in Ankara / Turkey, where FormPress was founded. We offer our services via FormPress app: a digital form-building software tool, in other words, a form-builder.

After over a year of development, our product was released to production 3 months ago, and has been officially functional since then.

We aim to offer high-quality service to a variety of users who need to create top-notch forms and collect information on a regular basis.

To briefly talk about a few distinctive features of ours:


FormPress app is open-source! There is a link on our homepage through which you can navigate to our Gitlab page where all the source code is available.

Our product being open-source makes it possible for our users to install FormPress on their own clouds, and have complete control over their experience with FormPress.

Your form-builder, your database, your data! What’s more, being open-source, we also aim to be open to possible collaborators, whether they wish to share innovative ideas, show us bugs we missed, or just check what we do out of curiosity.

Fast, Straightforward

We designed FormPress app to be as fast as possible. We don’t want to load on a page any more than we absolutely have to, hence, much shorter load time!

Similarly, the interface of our form-builder is straightforward. So, it’s like “What You See Is What You Get!”. Simple!

As we improve our product and services, we aim at becoming a sophisticated form-builder provider, and help satisfy the needs of our users.

We value your experience with us.

We don’t want it to be overwhelming, but rather smooth.

Have a good one!