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Published at 2022-02-14

FormPress App Beta First Version Release (1.0.0)

This is the first official version release for FormPress app.

1.0.0 is the starting version of our public API.

Semantic Versioning

The numerical order of versions, and related update posts will roughly be according to semantic versioning (SemVer).

The numerical version names follow the pattern "X.Y.Z" as in "1.0.0".

  • X / MAJOR version will be incremented when there are incompatible API changes made. If MINOR and PATCH changes are also present, they will be included in the MAJOR version release.

  • Y / MINOR version will be incremented when there are backwards compatible functionality changes made. If PATCH changes are also present, they will be included in the MINOR version release.

  • Z / PATCH version will be incremented when there are backwards compatible bugfixes made.

To learn more about semantic versioning, you can visit: SemVer

In this post, I'll briefly go over:

  • Current form elements FormPress app offers.
  • The data page of our builder.
  • Template mechanism.
  • Some upcoming improvements.

Form Elements

Each input element has a label field to be filled by the form owner accordingly. There is also a sublabel field which is optional.

At the top right of each element, there is a tool bar which help to move the element up/down in the form, clone the element, or delete the element.

Text Box

This element has an input field for an open ended answer. The field is relatively small (a single line of instant visibility), best for short open ended answers.

Text Area

It's the same as the text box, with the difference being that the instantly visible input field of text area is much larger than that of a text box. So, this element is better for longer open ended answers.


Checkbox is for questions with multiple options. Each option has an input field and a box at the left which can be checked or unchecked.

Checkbox, radio button, and dropdown elements are very similar in that they are all multiple option elements.

However, it's suggested that checkbox be used for questions with multiple options out of which more than one can be chosen. [1]

Radio Button

It’s similar to checkbox. It offers selectable multiple options with input fields.

It’s suggested that radio be used when only one of the options can be selected. [2]

Similarly, dropdown also is an element offering multiple options.

The options are in a list, and this time it's the rule of the element that only one of them can be selected.

It's suggested that if there are more than 5 options with only one of them open for selection, then dropdown can be chosen over radio button. [3]

(The suggestions [1], [2], [3] are from here)


This is the submit button element.


As the name suggests, this element is for the full names of form respondents. It has two input fields for first name and last name successively.

There are optional fields which can be activated by the form owner.

These are the before name title field (it’s options are fixed and preset by the form owner, but the type of the field can be turned to text box), middle name field, and after name title field.

File Upload

This element allows the form owner to upload files (like images) to his/her form.

The allowed overall file size depends on which FormPress plan the form owner is using.


This element has a text box input field specifically for e-mail addresses.

Header element is for form title and subtitle. The element has two fields for a header and subheader successively.


Separator element allows form owners to put a single line separator between questions.

Share Page

On the relatively top left bar in the editor, you can find the icon for the share page where you can share your form with respondents either through:

  • Sharing the URL of the form,
  • Or copying the embed code of the form to upload it to your website.

Data Page

This page is where the submissions of respondents can be viewed by the form owner.

The submissions received by a finished and published form land on the data page for the form owner. There, the detailed responses can be viewed.

If the form owner wishes, specific data can be exported out of the data page as CSV.

Template Mechanism

When you click on "Create a new form" on the "Forms" page of our builder, you'll see this:

If you wish to use a template and navigate to the related page:

Here's roughly what you can do.

  • On the left hand side, you can choose a template from different categories.
  • If you want to edit the template, you can click on "Clone Template"", and get right to it!


We’ll be improving our product as we go and release new versions consistently.

Some of the upcoming improvements are:

  • New form elements (adress element, etc.)
  • Integration of various other tools that are popular and useful(Google Drive, Slack, etc.)
  • Bugfixes and optimizations
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Cemo Can Boyraz